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What we do in Market of America?
Laguna Cutlery is a Division of Market of America, Inc. Here at Market of America we have one motto that serves as our inspiration: There must be a better way. With this in mind, our research teams introduce fresh ideas, test its feasibility, design and create and continue to reinvent until they find improvements. For us, it is all about the quality of the journey of life; we are here to stimulate the five senses for enrichment, enjoyment, and exploration into the fabulous life. What is the fabulous life? The fabulous life includes achieving comfort and excitement while still being affordable, humane, and eco-friendly.

We partner up with knowledgeable, experienced professionals, individual and corporate, to find better products and services to provide for consumers. From these efforts, the Laguna Cutlery Ceramic Knife was born, a new innovation meant to enhance the food preparation experience in the kitchen. From there on, we will continue our efforts in finding improvements and advancements toward the ultimate living experience.

From there on, we will continue our efforts in finding improvements and advancements toward the ultimate living experience

The Laguna Cutlery Ceramic Knife
One item in everyone’s kitchen is the common steel knife in different shapes and sizes. The Ceramic Knife is reinventing the art of the cutlery experience, and we guarantee that it will be a worthwhile apparatus to have in your kitchen arsenal. Saying it is an indescribable feeling may sound cliché; therefore we have coined the phrase “the phenomenal cutlery experience”

The most impressive characteristic of the Ceramic Knife is that the blade is made from zirconium oxide ceramic which is the second hardest substance next to diamond. It is sharper and lighter than the ordinary steel knife. Because of these innovations, you can bring an unprecedented precision to your culinary masterpieces. It has an easy-grip handle and also slices perfectly without leaving a metallic taste to your food; thus maintaining the freshness of whatever you are slicing. The ceramic knife doesn’t intend to replace your current kitchenware, it is a valuable product that everyone will find worthwhile to own and opens the doorway to the “fabulous living experience”

With the ceramic knife, meal preparation will not be a mundane task. It gives motivation to create new dimensions to meals by inspiring new dishes as well as beautiful presentations. With these additions, a regular meal can be turned into a masterpiece that feeds our mind as well as nourishing the body. The Ceramic Knife is also an extraordinary icebreaker at any gathering. Its new technology will capture every guest’s curiosity.
The Laguna Cutlery logo is simple and memorable and yet holds many meanings. The wedge shape is oriented like a sea shell, which ties in the oceanic location of the company, or a diamond, which relates to the strength and sharpness of the knives. In addition, the 3 seeds relate the logo to images of freshly cut fruits and vegetables. The style of the logo is simple and elegant to reflect the sophistication of the brand.